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6 Mission Beach Walk

We watch clouds
haloes of light behind them
cross a burnt orange background
turning pink, then grey.

When the light fades
we see a sea horse
disguised as a cloud
swim the oceans of the sky.

We glimpse memories
move like clouds – light and airy cirrus
becoming dark nimbostratus.

They form circles
black holes
pulling us through to a dreaming place

In that place
I remember and share Kiribati
a rocking boat in a storm

wondering if I’ll ever return
reaching a small island
to talk with Winnie the Elder
cross legged in an open bark house
no phone to ring home only a cb radio
missing them, my family.

At my trip’s end
a Kiribati lady grabs my hands
as the truck pulls away
says in carefully learned English

‘Never forget us
as if we will never meet again
except in dreaming spaces.

She calls even now
beyond the ocean’s end
creating remembrance’s light.


Mission Beach Walk Copyright © 2014 by June Perkins. All Rights Reserved.


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