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3 Jazz Baby

For Ella Fitzgerald


Scat singin’ blues
a baby and his Mama do love you.


Scat singin’ you
turnin’ words inside out and upside down.


Scat singin’ hope
class oozing in each throaty note.


Nightingale you know how to take the blue moo
kick out a bout of fever and flu.


Scat’ singin’ you
blue to me, blue to bubs.


Wednesday troppo day
we’re hangin’ lazily around from crazy heat


And you Ella,
you’re drippin’ off cool vibes.


If you were here we’d invite you in
make you an aunty true.


There’s comfort in your endless blues
In your cool clear waves we’ll sleep


Floating towards your aqua heart.
we’re swimmin’ out


Swingin’ up away from tropical blues.
you’re an aunty true.


Jazz Baby Copyright © 2014 by June Perkins. All Rights Reserved.


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